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Misting system

A misting system is a clever way to achieve various goals using atomized water droplets. Let me break it down for you:

Cooling: Misting systems are commonly used for cooling outdoor areas. By placing misting nozzles in a tube and pressurizing them, they create a fine spray of water droplets between 5 microns and 50 microns. These tiny droplets absorb heat and cool the air as they evaporate. The industry-standard pressure for misting systems is 1000 PSI.

Industrial & Commercial Use: Industrial misting systems are perfect for cooling down spaces like restaurant patios, golf courses, tennis courts, and amusement parks. They keep customers comfortable without getting them wet. Imagine enjoying your outdoor patio during sweltering summer months with an outdoor mist cooling system that keeps you cool without wetness

Humidification: Fog humidification systems are ideal for greenhouses, warehouses, and other environments where maintaining humidity is crucial. These systems help plants and products flourish while saving money and boosting profitability

Odor Control: Many industries require industrial odor control to comply with regulations. Wastewater treatment facilities, cannabis cultivation, and waste transfer stations rely on odor control systems. Fogco offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor industrial odor control, ensuring total odor elimination.

Dust Suppression: Dust is inevitable in many industries, but excessive dust can harm workers and the environment. Misting systems help suppress dust as a byproduct of business operations, promoting a healthier work environment.

In summary, misting systems are versatile and efficient, serving purposes beyond mere cooling. Whether it’s keeping customers comfortable, maintaining humidity, controlling odors, or suppressing dust, misting systems play a vital role in various setting

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